Question: When will we get our inspection report?

Answer: Compliance inspection reports and estimates of the cost for required compliance measures are normally provided within 24 hours of the property inspection. The escrow closing date for each property determines how we prioritize our work on each compliance inspection report.

Question:  Can Metro Retrofitting complete required compliance retrofitting work at the same time as the inspection?

Answer:  We can often install the required compliance measures at the same time as the inspection.  Our Field Technicians are always prepared to complete most standard compliance measures.  However, we cannot commit to this in every circumstance, since our ability to do so depends on the extent and nature of the required work, and whether the Field Technician’s schedule allows enough time to complete the work.

Question:  Why does a water heater need to be blocked and strapped?

Answer:  State and local laws require that a water heater be strapped and/or braced to prevent water heaters from shaking loose and moving or falling in large earthquakes.  The goal is to avoid the danger of fire, explosion, electrocution, slippage and/or general water damage.  If the water heater is strapped but there is too much room between the wall or frame, the water heater can still shake loose and cause leaks, so anchoring or water heater blocking is required.   The seller of any real property containing a water heater must certify in writing to a prospective buyer that the water heater heater bracing requirements have been met.

Question:  What is the turnaround for scheduling work?

Answer:  We always try to accommodate our clients’ scheduling needs, with particular attention given to escrow closing dates in our prioritization.  In general, we ask our clients to call at least two business days before they want their work done.  Of course, our turnaround time for work always depends on previously-scheduled appointments, the amount of work needed and the availability of any specialty parts required to complete that specific compliance retrofit.

Question:  When will I get the Certificate of Compliance?

Answer:  The Certificate of Compliance is sent as soon as we receive the Work Authorization and any required compliance work is completed.  A copy of the Certificate of Compliance is e-mailed to the escrow officer or property owner (if the property is not in escrow) and the original hard copy is mailed to the escrow officer or whoever authorized the work (if the property is not in escrow).

Question:  What does Metro Retrofitting inspect for?

Answer:  We inspect for all items required to be in compliance by state, county and/or city laws.  The specific requirements may vary in each jurisdiction, and are specifically listed in the Code Compliance section of our website.